Colby Michaud

Colby was born in Limestone, Maine and is one of two children to the parents of Raynold and Debra Michaud. Colby’s father served in the US Air Force, and while Colby was young, he and his family moved all over the country and the even did a tour overseas.

Growing up, Colby always had an interest in movies. Not just watching and enjoying, but Colby was more interested in the process of how they were made. His mother bought him his first video camera when he was 12. At home, Colby would make short films with his sister, stuffed animals and toys. As he got older, he experimented more. His friends in high school also shared a love for artistic expression and creation. Often when hanging out after school or on the weekends, Colby and his group of friends would make short videos. They did not create videos to share with the world or to showoff; they did it because it made them feel good. It was fun to them.

Colby graduated from Oak Hill High School in 2008 and went to the University of Maine in Orono. He was active in the New Media program for 2 years, then during the summer of 2010, he met Chad Sylvester. Chad needed help to create a real estate TV show, and Colby had the skill set to do it. So he opted to put school on hold and pursue being a business owner.

Chad and Colby tried to get the show off the ground, but found it was very difficult to get the funding to start a large project like that. Instead of giving up on video work, they decided to do much shorter videos that would also cost much less to produce. Using Chad’s connections in the real estate industry, most of the videos were for real estate agents and brokers. Soon after, they decided on the Greek name “Praxis” and added “Production Studios” to the end and it stuck!

In June of 2012, they moved the business into its current location at 185 Webster Street in Lewiston.

Last summer, Colby became the sole shareholder and President of the company.

Today, nearly five years later, Praxis has established itself in Maine as a company known for high quality videos focusing on helping local businesses brand themselves on the web, social media and TV.

“I have many dreams, ideas and goals. Some are small and some are grand, but they all have one thing in common… they make me feel. When I think to myself, ‘If that could be real.’ or, ‘If I can make this happen.’ or, ‘I can achieve that.’, I feel excitement and happiness. Many of those dreams, ideas and goals center around my work, or what I hope my work to be in the future. Those feelings drive me to do better, think outside the box and be passionate. I know that if you love what you do, your best work will result.”

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